Welcome to the OptionAlarm Live TRADING Room and Alert Service

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Formed in 2006, OptionAlarm (OA) has become an industry leading option trading newsletter. Our core team has decades of experience in the ever-changing markets and has traded and guided other traders through every type of market imaginable. Becoming a successful trader can be a long journey. We can help speed up that journey with daily interaction and experienced mentoring.
Our Vision
  • Our vision is for the room to evolve in a community of traders that are open to learning and sharing with each other. A real-time free flow of option trading ideas amongst people that are committed to making money trading while learning at the same time.

  • The room will be active and responsive to the current market conditions. We will focus on weekly options but we'll trade what the market gives us on each given day.

  • We want this room to be more than just options trading. We want a community built on trust that leads to strong, long-term relationships with people that want to learn, share and trade options successfully.

  • Never miss a trading opportunity with instant buy and sell trade alerts via the Live Trading Room or the Private Slack Feed.